“Starting the Clock” on Reinstatement

I lost my license to practice 6 years ago, never filing the required letters/paperwork/documents to start the clock running on possible re-instatement. What, if anything, can I do now to “start the clock” running. Is there any way to petition for a job within the legal field (in light of this) in the meantime?

LCL does not offer legal advice, including with regard to the process of reinstatement.  However, we do have an active Professional Conduct Group that includes a number of attorneys going through addressing a similar situation.  Our staff has found that attorneys participating in this group not only learn a lot about the reinstatement process, but also are better prepared to cope with it.  If you wish to participate in this group, you can call LCL and arrange an interview with clinician Barbara Bowe.

The procedures for reinstatement are set forth in the Rules of the Board of Bar Overseers (www.mass.gov/obcbbo/bborules.htm), Chapter 3, Subchapter F.  In addition the Office of Bar Counsel also has an excellent article called “What to do when you have just been suspended or disbarred” (www.mass.gov/obcbbo/lossoflicense.htm) which addresses many relevant questions.  For specific legal advice, it would be wise to confer with an attorney familiar with the reinstatement landscape.  There are private attorneys experienced in representing individuals before the Board of Bar Overseers.  In addition, the General Counsel for the Board of Bar Overseers maintains a list of attorneys who will provide free or low cost representation in appropriate circumstances.

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