Trouble coping with stress of conflict & court appearances. 6/06

I’m having trouble coping with the stress of continual conflict and court appearances representing the indigent in eviction and housing subsidy termination cases. I want to be able to cope. I don’t want to look for another job. But I’m soooo anxious and depressed. Am I in the wrong job? Should I get some therapy? I never liked litigation.

The legal work that you describe can certainly be, for some, very stressful and perhaps, over time, quite draining, especially if, as you say, you do not like litigation. It may be once source of your anxiety and depression; other contributing causes may exist as well. Seeking some therapeutic assistance to take a closer look at your current situation, explore your interests and options for a satisfying career, strategize a course of action, and lend support in the process, could prove very helpful. Lawyers are increasingly appreciating the fact that it is unreasonable to expect themselves to figure everything out alone. Please feel free to contact us. We can help review your current situation and needs, and offer you a referral that could make all the diffference. If you practice alone, it may also be worth considering our Solo Practitioners Discussion Group.

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