Therapy that “isn’t working anymore”

I wanted to ask your opinion about the therapy I’m in. I became the senior partner of my father’s environmental law firm a little over a year ago after he died. I was very close to my father and was grief stricken — the reason I started therapy. My therapist really helped me come to terms with my father’s death. In fact, that’s how I was even able to take over the practice. However, I dont know if therapy is working anymore. I used to really look forward to going and found that the time flew by. Now I almost dread the sessions, and once I am there I really don’t know what to talke about. We discuss family issues but nothing we talk about really feels that important. I don’t know if I should say something to her, quit, or do something else.

If you haven’t raised this in your therapy, do. Although being honest with a therapist can be difficult — especially when it concerns the therapist or the therapy itself — it can be exactly what is needed to get things back on track. Therapy in general, even therapy that is very good, can get stuck or derailed, either because the identified piece of work is done (for example, the acute grief is now resolved) or for other reasons. The best way to sort it out is through dialogue with your therapist, who can help you understand why your experience is so one-dimensional right now, or if the therapy needs to stop or change in some way.

If after talking with your therapist the therapy still feels “off,” consider getting an outside consultation. The consulting therapist will meet with you and possibly your therapist as well, and will make recommendations. Don’t let your kind feelings about your therapist get in your way; a well trained therapist is one who would welcome this idea (or propose it) and truly wants what is best for you. There’s a good chance your therapist can steer you in the direction of an outside consultant, but LCL staff also is equipped to provide or refer you for consultation. There is no charge for an LCL consultation.

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