Stress Management Resources

American Institute of Stress
a non-profit organization providing an updated library of information on stress-related topics from scientific and lay publications
HelpGuide.Org on Stress
Non-profit source of much information on lifestyle and mental health topics — we’ve chosen to direct you initially to the Stress page. In addition to the article, see further links at bottom
Institute for Mind/Body Medicine
under guidance of stress reduction pioneer Dr. Herbert Benson, the institute offers groups, tapes, etc. designed to reduce the negative effects of stress and increase wellness
On-Site Academy
non-profit residential treatment and training center for critical incident stress management, serving emergency service workers, including law enforcement, fire service, EMS, and other human service personnel who are temporarily overwhelmed by the stress of what they have been through
The Project for Attorney Retention
seeking to improve recruiting and retention of talented attorneys through the use of work schedules that allow attorneys to better balance the competing demands of their work and their lives outside the office

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