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Our free & confidential services are exclusively for lawyers, law students, and judges in Massachusetts — our clinicians meet with their family members as well.

Step 1: Our Confidentiality Promise.

Our services are confidential. You can view answers to concerns you might have here, or call to discuss them: 617 482 9600.

Step 2: Choose Your Services.

You can meet with a licensed clinician, law practice advisor, both jointly, or both consecutively, depending on the nature of your concerns. Meet our team here.

If you’re unsure what the best approach is, we recommend talking with a clinician first to help identify whether and when to bring in a practice advisor.

Step 3: Book It!

Clinical Services | To make an appointment with one of our licensed clinicians, call (617) 482-9600 — and you can chat with our clinicians before scheduling to help you choose who you’d like to meet with.

Mass LOMAP Services | To make an appointment with one of our law practice advisors — click here to complete an intake form and book online.

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