Law Student Resources

Law Students start law school with high life satisfaction and strong mental health measures. But within the first year of law school, they experience a significant increase in anxiety and depression. Research suggests that law students are among the most dissatisfied, demoralized, and depressed of any graduate student population.” (emphasis added)

The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change

The National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being, 2017

CALL US to book a FREE & CONFIDENTIAL appointment | 617 482 9600
Law students in Massachusetts are entitled to free services, including meeting with one of our staff clinicians for an evaluation, referral, or just someone who listens without judging

Mental Health Toolkit for Law Students | ABA Law Student Division
includes Mental Health Planning Toolkit and other resources for adapting to life in the legal profession

ABA’s Commission on Lawyers Assistance Programs
features resources and support for law students in recovery

National Law Students Recovery List-Serv
information on how to sign up for confidential communication with other law students in recovery

Massachusetts Lawyers Recovery List-Serv
sign up for our List-Serv for confidential communication with lawyers in Massachusetts

Recovery Meetings for Massachusetts Lawyers and Law Students
our listing of support group meeting locations and times across the Commonwealth

Mass LOMAP – Law Office Management Assistance Program
our own Practice Management Services (LOMAP) for resources and tailored advice to improve your career and law practice

FindLaw for Law Students
links to a large number of law student resources

Critical Mental Health Resources for Students
actually entitled “for college students” but applies as well to law students, outlining most common issues and solutions

Mass. Board of Bar Examiners
includes downloadable application for bar exam

National Conference of Bar Examiners
information of bar exam requirements across the country

General Information on Stress, Depression, Burnout, Anxiety, and other Emotion and Coping Challenges
our general resources listing 

Online Law School Academic Support Blog 
tips on achieving your personal best in law school



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