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Mother holding child while working

SUPERMOM is a monthly meeting for lawyers and law students who are mothers to young children, run in collaboration with the WBA Parents’ Forum.

Babies don’t care if you’re a lawyer. And unfortunately, some of your clients and all of your deadlines don’t care if you’re a mom.

Join peers in this Free & Confidential group to find practical and emotional support for the challenges you face managing your responsibilities as both mother and lawyer.

SUPERMOM MEETS on the last Wednesday of each month from 12p – 1p. We do not meet in July or August, and instead of meeting on the final Wednesdays, will meet on November 20th and December 18th.

You can attend in person at our office in downtown Boston, or call in to participate remotely.

Lunch will be served for those attending in person. Register just once and attend when you’re able.

Headshot of Heidi Alexander, Esq. | Deputy Director at LCL

MEET OUR GROUP LEADER | Heidi Alexander, Esq.

Heidi joined LCL in 2012. As Deputy Director, she helps manage organization operations and leads LCL’s practice management program known as Mass LOMAP (Law Office Management Assistance Program). Read more about Heidi here.

Mother holding child while working
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